Boost employee wellbeing

Stadion is a customizable in-app tournament that rewards collaboration, improves wellbeing, and reduces absenteeism.

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Why choose Stadion?

Attract and retain your talent

Stadion is designed to transform how your employees feel, think, and behave at work.

It creates a noticeable increase in satisfaction. This generates a domino effect of better-quality output and decreased company turnover.

Also, it can be organized completely remotely.

Invest in workforce wellbeing. You'll earn it back, twofold.

A shortcut to company cohesion

How does it work?

First, your employees are divided into teams. They take part in Challenges then record them in the app to win points for their team.

Challenges range from yoga to cycling to reading. Those feeling adventurous can even try bouldering, canoeing, or even—wait for it—Quidditch.

Challenges are done together, individually, or remotely for up to 6 weeks. The team with the most points is crowned Champion.

You can also add in anything you already offer. Have a ping pong table? Put it in the app. If your employees already practice things like meditation, they’re now rewarded for it.

What will it do?

Inspire healthy competition

Stadion is about pushing boundaries and finding solutions. The more that employees engage in Challenges, the more likely it is that their team will win.

Strengthen interaction

Your employees join forces with a shared goal. This encourages collaboration and results in stronger working relationships, across deparments.

Improve output with everyday play

Employees who practice sport, be it mind or body training, feel more resilient. They have higher self-esteem, focus, and energy levels to tackle the day.

Here's the deal

  1. First meeting

    We determine the focus to strengthen soft skills you’d like to see more of

  2. Get started

    We pin a feasible start date in the future together, and start building game settings

  3. Customize settings

    We divide your employees into teams, lottery-style – or you can choose yourself

  4. Create impact

    Employees get started, with each tournament lasting 4-6 weeks: it’s up to you

  5. See change

    We revisit your focus throughout, and match you with our partners or events

Why we're different

Buildable around your principles

Focusing on team-building, communication, or mental health? We tailor the Challenges around your focus to support your employees as they play.

Reliable and quick support

Stadion is more than a series of fun challenges. If you want to change the focus, organize Partner workshops, or get advice, we’re there in a jiffy.

Customizable app and communications

The app and all communications are customizable to your company image with branding, logos, and font for a familiar, personalized experience.

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76 employees of WMD Drinking Water B.V played Stadion and took part in additional special events. After 4 weeks, there was a tangible boost in morale and visibly stronger social cohesion among departments.

At WMD we organized the very first Stadion tournament. I was really impressed: I noticed our employees showing more enthusiasm with each other and being more mindful of their wellbeing day-to-day. I’m glad I chose to form the teams myself, as the tournament really boosted interaction across our departments.

Leo Hendriks Former CEO, WMD B.V.
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